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Dr Marie Freel
Marie Freel
Consultant Physician and Endocrinologist,
Honorary Associate Clinical Professor,
Queen Elizabeth University Hospital,
Glasgow, UK
Professor Sarantis Livadas
Sarantis Livadas
Consultant in Endocrinology,
Metropolitan Hospital,
Athens, Greece
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Top cited case reports


A unique case of ectopic Cushing’s syndrome from a thymic neuroendocrine carcinoma

Authors: Lima Lawrence, Peng Zhang, Humberto Choi, Usman Ahmad, Valeria Arrossi, Andrei Purysko, and Vinni Makin
Online Publication Date: 22 Feb 2019


Hyponatraemia secondary to nivolumab-induced primary adrenal failure

Authors: Harris Trainer, Paul Hulse, Claire E Higham, Peter Trainer, and Paul Lorigan
Online Publication Date: 01 Nov 2016


Histologically confirmed isolated IgG4-related hypophysitis: two case reports in young women

Authors: Gabriela Alejandra Sosa, Soledad Bell, Silvia Beatriz Christiansen, Marcelo Pietrani, Mariela Glerean, Monica Loto, Soledad Lovazzano, Antonio Carrizo, Pablo Ajler, and Patricia Fainstein Day
Online Publication Date: 01 Sep 2014


A novel melanoma therapy stirs up a storm: ipilimumab-induced thyrotoxicosis

Authors: Christine Yu, Inder J Chopra, and Edward Ha
Online Publication Date: 01 Feb 2015


Pancreatic α-cell hyperplasia and hyperglucagonemia due to a glucagon receptor splice mutation

Authors: Etienne Larger, Nicolai J Wewer Albrechtsen, Lars H Hansen, Richard W Gelling, Jacqueline Capeau, Carolyn F Deacon, Ole D Madsen, Fumiatsu Yakushiji, Pierre De Meyts, Jens J Holst, and Erica Nishimura
Online Publication Date: 21 Nov 2016


Topic in focus: Diabetes


Acute respiratory distress syndrome in a case of diabetic ketoacidosis requiring ECMO support

Authors: Milad Darrat, Brian Gilmartin, Carmel Kennedy, and Diarmuid Smith
Online Publication Date: 07 Jul 2021


Painless foot drop: an unusual acute presentation of new onset type 1 diabetes mellitus

Authors: Antonella Corcillo, Zoe Kleinaki, Stella Kapnisi, Nikolaos Fountoulakis, Giuseppe Maltese, Stephen M Thomas, and Janaka Karalliedde
Online Publication Date: 16 Mar 2021


DKA in patients with pre-existing type 2 diabetes mellitus related to COVID-19: a case series

Authors: Anthony Ramos-Yataco, Kelly Meza, Reyna Cecilia Farfán-García, Solange Ortega-Rojas, Isaac Salinas-Mamani, Ivonne Silva-Arrieta Ontaneda, and Ricardo Correa
Online Publication Date: 05 Mar 2021


New-onset diabetes after kidney transplantation revealing HNF1B-associated disease

Authors: Ana M Lopes and Sofia Teixeira
Online Publication Date: 27 Jan 2021


Familial GATA6 mutation causing variably expressed diabetes mellitus and cardiac and renal abnormalities

Authors: Yang Timothy Du, Lynette Moore, Nicola K Poplawski, and Sunita M C De Sousa
Online Publication Date: 03 May 2019