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Gautam Das, Vinay S Eligar, Jyothish Govindan and D Aled Rees

symptoms of facial and abdominal hirsutism, deepening of the voice and facial acne. She had a history of normal menstrual cycles since menarche and had no other systemic complaints. She had no significant medical or drug history and the family history did

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N F Lenders and J R Greenfield

our knowledge, this is the first reported case of adrenal oncocytoma investigated with urinary steroid profiling. Case presentation A 45-year-old woman was referred in January 2018 for investigation and management of amenorrhoea, acne and

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Hashem Bseiso, Naama Lev-Cohain, David J Gross and Simona Grozinsky-Glasberg

suggestive of Cushing’s syndrome, namely moon face and plethora, central obesity, peripheral edema, hirsutism, acne and buffalo hump together with hypertension were observed on physical examination. Investigation The biochemical evaluation at that

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Maura Bucciarelli, Ya-Yu Lee and Vasudev Magaji

trying to hurt her. On exam she had a round, ruddy, hirsuite face with acne and her blood pressure was 156/108. Investigation Laboratory studies showed potassium 1.7 mEq/l (normal range 3.7–5.2 mEq/l), random cortisol >70 mcg/dl (normal range 6

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Ekaterina Manuylova, Laura M Calvi, Catherine Hastings, G Edward Vates, Mahlon D Johnson, William T Cave Jr and Ismat Shafiq

years, she developed hirsutism, weight gain, widening of teeth, heat intolerance, acne and multiple skin tags. Thus, an 
IGF-1 level was obtained in 2011, which was mildly elevated at 352 ng/mL (58–318 ng/mL) and, consequently, this led to her referral

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Runa Acharya and Udaya M Kabadi

respiratory distress with Kussmaul breathing, temperature: 102 F; respiratory rate: 20/min; pulse: 110/min and blood pressure: 148/98 mmHg; body weight: 158 lbs as well as round flushed face with acne, hirsutism and dark purple striae of the abdominal wall

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Katia Regina Marchetti, Maria Adelaide Albergaria Pereira, Arnaldo Lichtenstein and Edison Ferreira Paiva

visual blurring secondary to glycemia of approximately 30 mg/dL. Initial findings included BP of 150/90 mmHg, HR 126 bpm, weight 72 kg, height 164 cm, BMI 26.8 kg/m 2 , diffuse xerosis, cushingoid facies, acne in the frontal and chest regions

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Khaled Aljenaee, Sulaiman Ali, Seong Keat Cheah, Owen MacEneaney, Niall Mulligan, Neil Hickey, Tommy Kyaw Tun, Seamus Sreenan and John H McDermott

, coarse facial features and clitoromegaly. There was no acne or deepening of the voice. Body mass index was in the obese category at 30.7 kg/m 2 , and there were no stigmata of Cushing’s syndrome. Examination of the abdomen was normal with no palpable

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Nandini Shankara Narayana, Anne-Maree Kean, Lisa Ewans, Thomas Ohnesorg, Katie L Ayers, Geoff Watson, Arthur Vasilaras, Andrew H Sinclair, Stephen M Twigg and David J Handelsman

. Figure 1 Pedigree chart. His height was 1.77 m (mother 1.75 m, father 1.68 m), weight 68.8 kg, with Tanner stage 4 pubertal development and small bilateral gynaecomastia, but no acne. By orchidometry, the left testis was 8 mL, containing a

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Jayshree Swain, Shruti Sharma, Ved Prakash, N K Agrawal and S K Singh

habitus with normal vital signs. She also had: temporal recession of hairline; acne (grade 2); prominent Adam's apple; and atrophy of bilateral mammary gland. Her Ferriman–Gallwey score was 30/36. Clitoromegaly with a length of 90 mm and a width of 30 mm