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S Vimalesvaran, S Narayanaswamy, L Yang, J K Prague, A Buckley, A D Miras, S Franks, K Meeran and W S Dhillo

Background Primary amenorrhoea is described as the failure to reach menarche. The prevalence of primary amenorrhoea is roughly 3–4% ( 1 ), with highly specialised referral centres reporting only 10–15 patients per annum ( 2 ). Although there

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Ahmed Iqbal, Peter Novodvorsky, Alexandra Lubina-Solomon, Fiona M Kew and Jonathan Webster

(nulligravida and nullipara) presented with a 9-month history of secondary amenorrhoea and a 2-month history of bilateral galactorrhoea. She denied headache or any visual symptoms. Her past medical history was unremarkable with menarche at age 14 and a

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L I Astaf’eva, Y G Sidneva, B A Kadashev, P L Kalinin, G A Melnichenko and S A Agadzhanian

fertility ( 3 , 4 , 5 , 6 ). We present a woman with a giant prolactinoma. Despite the giant size of the tumour which invaded the skull base bones, high PRL level and primary amenorrhoea, cabergoline was effective in normalization of the PRL level, tumour

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Ramez Ibrahim, Atul Kalhan, Alistair Lammie, Christine Kotonya, Ravindra Nannapanenni and Aled Rees

of secondary amenorrhoea and gradual onset of visual deterioration over a period of 4 months. On review, she was found to have prominent acromegalic features including ‘spade-like’ hands, prognathism, increased inter-dental spacing, skin tags, nasal

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Derick Adams and Philip A Kern

A 22-year-old Caucasian female presented with headaches, visual changes, amenorrhoea, polydipsia, increased frequency of urination and nocturia for 4months. She had no significant medical or dental history and was on no medications or nutritional

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A Pazderska, S Crowther, P Govender, K C Conlon, M Sherlock and J Gibney

opinion was sought. The patient reported weight gain, secondary amenorrhoea of 2year duration and a recent onset of facial hirsutism. On examination, she had abdominal adiposity with violaceous striae, facial plethora and hirsutism, atrophic skin, multiple

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Yew Wen Yap, Steve Ball and Zubair Qureshi

concentration and weight gain. Additionally, she had a 4-month history of amenorrhoea. Her initial TSH level was elevated at 7.38 µ/L (reference range: 0.2–4.5 µ/L) and free T4 at the lower limit of normal of 7.8 pmol/L (reference range: 7–17 µ/L). Thyroid

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C P Neves, E T Massolt, R P Peeters, S J Neggers and W W de Herder

Grootendorst AF & Schelfhout LJ 2004 Postpartum amenorrhoea–galactorrhoea associated with hyperprolactinaemia and pituitary enlargement in primary hypothyroidism . The Netherlands Journal of Medicine 62 28 – 30 . 15061231

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N Chelaghma, S O Oyibo and J Rajkanna

inappropriately low gonadotrophin and sex steroid levels. Males can present with absent or incomplete puberty, cryptorchidism, small penis and infertility, while females can present with amenorrhoea, dyspareunia, partial breast development and infertility

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N F Lenders and J R Greenfield

our knowledge, this is the first reported case of adrenal oncocytoma investigated with urinary steroid profiling. Case presentation A 45-year-old woman was referred in January 2018 for investigation and management of amenorrhoea, acne and