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Andromachi Vryonidou, Stavroula A Paschou, Fotini Dimitropoulou, Panagiotis Anagnostis, Vasiliki Tzavara and Apostolos Katsivas

, tachycardic, hypotensive and slightly hyperpigmented. Initial biochemical evaluation showed anemia (Hemoglobin: 11.3 mg/dL), hyponatremia (Sodium: 131 mEq/L) and increased C-reactive protein levels (CRP: 26.4 mg/L). Echocardiography revealed significant

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V Larouche and M Tamilia

revealed overt thyrotoxicosis (TSH: 0.06 U/L (normal: 0.40–4.59 U/L)), free T4: 48.9 pmol/L (normal: 9.0–26.0 pmol/L), elevated transaminase levels (ALT: 261 U/L (normal: 5.0–40.0 U/L)), AST: 203 U/L (normal: 15.0–55.0 U/L), an elevated C-reactive protein

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Junji Kawashima, Hideaki Naoe, Yutaka Sasaki and Eiichi Araki

. Investigation The laboratory data revealed hypochromic anemia, hypoalbuminemia, and hypolipidemia ( Table 1 ). His renal function was normal, with the exception of a slightly elevated urinary protein level. His serum C-reactive protein (CRP) was elevated

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Punith Kempegowda, Eka Melson, Gerald Langman, Fady Khattar, Muhammad Karamat and Quratul-Ain Altaf

tenderness. Rest of the clinical examination was unremarkable. Investigation Initial investigations showed anaemia (92 g/L; reference range (RR): 133–166 g/L), neutrophilia (8.3 × 10 9 /L; RR: 1.6–4.6 × 10 9 /L), increased C-reactive protein (CRP

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Mahmud Abo Salook, Carlos Benbassat, Yulia Strenov and Amit Tirosh

pollutants at work. Physical examination revealed an enlarged and mildly tender thyroid gland. Laboratory tests revealed increased erythrocyte sedimentation rate (104 mm/h), elevated C-reactive protein levels (22.0 mg/dl, normal 0–0.5 mg/dl), thyroid

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Alessandro Mantovani, Ilaria Teobaldi, Vincenzo Stoico, Fabrizia Perrone, Marina Zannoni, Luca Cima, Massimiliano Bruti, Lucia Mingolla, Maddalena Trombetta and Enzo Bonora

-glutamyl transpeptidase (GGT): 16 U/L (normal range: 4–60), creatinine: 73 µmol/L (normal range: 53–115) and C-reactive protein (CRP): 8 mg/L (normal range: <5). Figure 1 (Panel A) Initial presentation of the traumatic lesion located at the apex of the first toe of

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Shinobu Takayasu, Shingo Murasawa, Satoshi Yamagata, Kazunori Kageyama, Takeshi Nigawara, Yutaka Watanuki, Daisuke Kimura, Takao Tsushima, Yoshiyuki Sakamoto, Kenichi Hakamada, Ken Terui and Makoto Daimon

temperature up to 38.5°C on POD 4. Blood tests showed a white blood cell count of 13 350/mL, C-reactive protein level of 6.7 mg/L and blood sugar level of 250 mg/dL. Blood culture did not detect any bacteria. CT scans showed a thrombus at the merging section

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Alessandro Mantovani, Maddalena Trombetta, Chiara Imbriaco, Riccardo Rigolon, Lucia Mingolla, Federica Zamboni, Francesca Dal Molin, Dario Cioccoloni, Viola Sanga, Massimiliano Bruti, Enrico Brocco, Michela Conti, Giorgio Ravenna, Fabrizia Perrone, Vincenzo Stoico and Enzo Bonora

–450), fasting glucose 8.6mmol/L (NR: 3.5–5.5), HbA1c 36mmol/mol, ALT 14U/L (NR: 6–50), GGT 116 U/L (NR: 4–60), creatinine 130μmol/L (NR: 53–115), C-reactive protein (CRP) 159mg/L (normal value: <5), and procalcitonin 0.13ng/mL (normal value: <0.05). In the

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Stephanie Wei Ping Wong, Yew Wen Yap, Ram Prakash Narayanan, Mohammad Al-Jubouri, Ashley Grossman, Christina Daousi and Yahya Mahgoub

infusion in hours. Outcome and follow-up On Day 2 of the etomidate infusion, she was extubated without difficulty. There was a resolution of the hypokalaemia as a result of the lower serum cortisol levels. Markers of inflammation (C-reactive

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Ahmad Haider, Karim S Haider and Farid Saad

.3). HOMA-IR test revealed profound insulin resistance (11.7). C-reactive protein (CRP) was elevated (3.2 mg/dL). Blood pressure measurement showed mild hypertension (159/96 mmHg). Total testosterone was measured in early morning samples on two occasions and