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J K Prague, C L Ward, O G Mustafa, B C Whitelaw, A King, N W Thomas and J Gilbert

respond rapidly to dopamine agonist therapy, but may require multimodal therapeutic options including surgery and radiotherapy to achieve normalisation of prolactin and tumour control (5) . Surgery may also be required if acute complications develop such

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Satoru Sakihara, Kazunori Kageyama, Satoshi Yamagata, Ken Terui, Makoto Daimon and Toshihiro Suda

extensive imaging procedures failed to reveal the source of ACTH secretion but dopamine agonists provided long-lasting control of hypercortisolemia. Case presentation A 65-year-old Japanese woman was referred for evaluation of hypokalemia. On

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Ilse C A Bakker, Chris D Schubart and Pierre M J Zelissen

rhinorrhoea after medical treatment with dopamine agonists for macroprolactinoma has been reported ( 2 ). Psychiatric adverse effects may also occur and include insomnia, nightmares, hallucinations and even psychosis ( 3 ). The treatment of a patient with

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Lisa Burback

Background Microprolactinomas are often treated with dopamine agonists, which can have serious medical and psychiatric adverse effects, including psychosis, impulse control disorders, dyskinesia, pulmonary fibrosis and valvular heart disease

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Anita Kuriya, David V Morris and Michael H Dahan

disorders. The mechanism that underlies preeclampsia-caused vascular thrombosis is thought to be vasospasm, which also puts the patients at risk for eclamptic seizures (4) . Dopamine agonists have also been noted to place patients at risk for postpartum

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Niki Margari and Simon Page

profiling to establish the underlying diagnosis. Dopamine agonists are the treatment of choice for invasive macroprolactinoma and close monitoring is essential as there is a risk of cerebrospinal fluid (CSF) leakage as the tumour undergoes involution

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J Bukowczan, K Lois, M Mathiopoulou, A B Grossman and R A James

proved negative. A detailed repeated psychometric assessment performed 6 months following the commencement of dopamine agonist showed complete resolution of cognitive dysfunction ( Table 2 , column 2). On three of the four memory tasks, the patient

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Niki Margari, Jonathan Pollock and Nemanja Stojanovic

prolactinoma. Figure 4 Pituitary magnetic resonance imaging taken after surgery and dopamine agonist therapy revealing significant reduction in tumor size (red arrows). Discussion We describe a case of giant invasive prolactinoma where

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Ekaterina Manuylova, Laura M Calvi, Catherine Hastings, G Edward Vates, Mahlon D Johnson, William T Cave Jr and Ismat Shafiq

, however, follow-up screening is not generally recommended ( 3 ). Here, we present two patients with well-controlled prolactinoma on dopamine agonists, who each developed clinical and biochemical evidence of acromegaly 
many years after the initial

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Benedetta Zampetti, Giorgia Simonetti, Roberto Attanasio, Antonio Silvani and Renato Cozzi

medication with dopamine-agonist drugs, mainly cabergoline (Cab), capable of normalizing PRL levels and restore eugonadism in most cases, as well as to shrink tumor, thus relieving local compression ( 1 , 2 ). Approximately 11% of prolactinomas are resistant