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Ruth Mangupli, Adrian F Daly, Elvia Cuauro, Paul Camperos, Jaime Krivoy and Albert Beckers

enlargement of his hands and feet and painful swelling of his knees and ankles. There was no family history of similar complaints. On examination, the patient had coarse facial features, thickened eyelids and partial blepharoptosis. Extensive dark, oily

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Noor Rafhati Adyani Abdullah, Wong Lok Chin Jason and Azraai Bahari Nasruddin

symptoms have stark similarities with acromegaly and can cause diagnostic confusion. We report a young male with gradual coarsening of his facial features, bilateral hand and feet enlargement associated with pachyderma, excessive sweating and arthralgia for

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Ramez Ibrahim, Atul Kalhan, Alistair Lammie, Christine Kotonya, Ravindra Nannapanenni and Aled Rees

of secondary amenorrhoea and gradual onset of visual deterioration over a period of 4 months. On review, she was found to have prominent acromegalic features including ‘spade-like’ hands, prognathism, increased inter-dental spacing, skin tags, nasal

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Cristina Alvarez-Escola and Jersy Cardenas-Salas

findings on the physical examination included a large jaw, protruding brow, prominent cheekbones, enlarged lips, macroglossia and enlargement of the hands and feet. Her only treatments at that moment were Captopril 25 mg b.i.d. and oral calcium

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Laura Hamilton Adams and Derick Adams

enlargement of her hands and feet. The patient revealed that over the past 5 years, her shoe size had increased from a size 6 to a size 8. She had also recently noticed that her high school ring only fit around the tip of her fourth digit. She had had

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Athanasios Fountas, Shu Teng Chai, John Ayuk, Neil Gittoes, Swarupsinh Chavda and Niki Karavitaki

glucose tolerance test (nadir: 1.18 µg/L). Notably, when manifestations of acromegaly were discussed at this stage, enlargement of the hands and development of more coarse facial features over the years were noticed. On further review of the pre

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Anne Marie Hannon, Isolda Frizelle, George Kaar, Steven J Hunter, Mark Sherlock, Christopher J Thompson, Domhnall J O’Halloran and the Irish Pituitary Database Group

centre and was noted to have enlarged hands, prognathism and increased inter-dentate spacing. She denied any visual disturbance and formal visual field testing confirmed intact fields. She had no family history of pituitary disease. Investigation

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Alfredo Di Cerbo, Federica Pezzuto and Alessandro Di Cerbo

A 50-year-old woman was referred to us because of palpitations, tremors, excessive sweating, acral enlargement, backache and joint pains. Physical examination revealed coarsening of facial features, mild tachycardia, diffuse thyroid enlargement

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C P Neves, E T Massolt, R P Peeters, S J Neggers and W W de Herder

Background Amenorrhea, galactorrhea and hyperprolactinemia associated with pituitary enlargement can be a rare presentation of primary hypothyroidism. Elevated levels of prolactin (PRL) are found in one-third of patients with primary

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C Kamath, J Witczak, M A Adlan and L D Premawardhana

Background Thymic enlargement (TE) is known to occur both in Graves’ disease (GD) and Addison’s disease (AD) and in myasthenia gravis. Its incidence is unknown as the thymus is not routinely imaged in them – TE often being diagnosed when