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Ohoud Al Mohareb, Mussa H Al Malki, O Thomas Mueller, and Imad Brema

body physique, muscle mass and body hair. Physical examination of the other systems was unremarkable. The proband has two sons who were 5 and 3 years old. Further history from the parents revealed that the 5-year-old son had symptoms of hyperactivity

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Shamaila Zaman, Bijal Patel, Paul Glynne, Mark Vanderpump, Ali Alsafi, Sairah Khan, Rashpal Flora, Fausto Palazzo, and Florian Wernig

physician following an episode of presumed gastroenteritis with vomiting and general malaise. Further episodes of diarrhoea, joint pains, sweating and palpitations followed. He described having a ‘fizzing sensation’ and felt hyperactive. He also developed a

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Kingsley Okolie, Sumathy Perampalam, Anthony Barker, and Christopher J Nolan

neuropsychological testing KS subjects consistently perform poorly in verbal skills ( 1 , 2 ). Behavioural and psychiatric disorders, including autism, attention deficit hyperactivity disorder, bipolar affective disorders and schizophrenia have been believed to be

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Benjamin Kwan, Bernard Champion, Steven Boyages, Craig F Munns, Roderick Clifton-Bligh, Catherine Luxford, and Bronwyn Crawford

at night after prolonged activity and episodes of jaw tetany. He also had a history of attention deficit hyperactivity disorder and obsessive compulsive disorder. There was no history of seizure disorder. He was treated with calcitriol 0.75 µg bd and

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Ya-Wun Guo, Chii-Min Hwu, Justin Ging-Shing Won, Chia-Huei Chu, and Liang-Yu Lin

to distinguish whether one or both masses are hormonally hyperactive. In patients with bilateral adrenal masses and ACTH-independent Cushing’s syndrome, the possible aetiologies include primary bilateral macronodular adrenal hyperplasia, bilateral

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Durgesh Prasad Chaudhary, Tshristi Rijal, Kunal Kishor Jha, and Harpreet Saluja

, prolonged corticosteroid therapy can lead to psychotic symptoms which include insomnia, mood alterations, psychosis and hyperactivity ( 9 ). These symptoms have been reported in 5% of the patients treated with corticosteroid ( 10 ). Patient presented with

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Sara Lomelino-Pinheiro, Bastos Margarida, and Adriana de Sousa Lages

and signs of neuromuscular hyperexcitability (hyperactivity, tetany) and seizures, refractory to antiepileptic therapy ( 1 , 5 ). Prolonged untreated hypomagnesemia may lead to developmental delay, intellectual disability, failure to thrive and severe

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Giuseppina Molinaro, Renato De Vecchis, Elio Badolati, and Raffaele Giannattasio

-blockers cannot be effectively antagonized without the paramount support of the antithyroid drugs. In other words, no measure is sufficient to stop thyrotoxic cardiac decompensation if hormonal hyper-activity persists and is not corrected by highly specific

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Mariana Barbosa, Sílvia Paredes, Maria João Machado, Rui Almeida, and Olinda Marques

metabolic hyperactivity in a poorly perfused adenomatous pituitary tissue (abnormal capillarity system) would explain the event. On the other hand, in the group of patients with a later start of symptoms (subacute phase), it was suggested that the

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Lourdes Balcázar-Hernández, Guadalupe Vargas-Ortega, Yelitza Valverde-García, Victoria Mendoza-Zubieta, and Baldomero González-Virla

is defined by profound emaciation with the absence of cutaneous adipose tissue, locomotor hyperactivity, euphoria and alertness. Hoffmann et al. reported 11 cases of DS in patients with childhood CP included in HIT-Endo and KRANIOPHARYNGEOM study