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Despoina Manousaki, Cheri Deal, Jean Jacques De Bruycker, Philippe Ovetchkine, Claude Mercier and Nathalie Alos

Background Cystic lesions represent 6% of all sellar lesions. Sellar abscesses of infectious origin are a rare cause of hypopituitarism. They can result from a pituitary-limited infection (primary sellar abscesses), through hematogenous

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Ana Coelho Gomes, José Maria Aragüés, Sílvia Guerra, Joana Fernandes and Mário Rui Mascarenhas

therapy . Clinical Infectious Diseases 31 803 . ( doi:10.1086/314027 ) 10.1086/314027 3 Rochira V Diazzi C Santi D Brigante G Ansaloni A Decaroli MC De Vincentis S Stentarelli C Zona S Guaraldi G 2015 Low

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V Larouche and M Tamilia

at 23.3 mg/L (normal: 0–10.0 mg/L) and a negative monospot but a positive CMV IgM antibody (c.f. Table 1 ). Of note, thyroglobulin, thyroglobulin antibodies and anti-TPO antibodies were not ordered. The infectious disease service diagnosed acute

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Carlos Tavares Bello, Emma van der Poest Clement and Richard Feelders

Medicine 101 334 – 338 . 6331781 10.7326/0003-4819-101-3-334 11 Gilbert GF Rena V-S 2007 Hypercortisolemia and infection. Infectious Disease Clinics of North America 21 639 – 657. 10.1016/j.idc.2007.06.001 17826616 12 van der Pas

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Diana Catarino, Cristina Ribeiro, Leonor Gomes and Isabel Paiva

factors for these conditions. Fungal infections of the pituitary region are extremely rare and usually occur in immunocompromised patients ( 3 ). Cushing’s syndrome has long been recognized to predispose patients to infectious diseases, as a consequence

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Su Ann Tee, Earn Hui Gan, Mohamad Zaher Kanaan, David Ashley Price, Tim Hoare and Simon H S Pearce

, histoplasmosisBlastomycosisParacoccidioidomycosis Infiltrative disease AmyloidosisHaemochromatosis Vascular Adrenal haemorrhage or acute infarction i.e. Waterhouse-Friedrickson syndrome, antiphospholipid (Hughes) syndrome Adrenal insufficiency due to tertiary syphilis

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Melissa Katz, Simon Smith, Luke Conway and Ashim Sinha

Intaranongpai S Ruchutrakool T Budhsarawong D Mootsikapun P Wuthiekanun V Teerawatasook N , et al . Risk factors for melioidosis and bacteraemic meliodosis. Clinical Infectious Diseases 1999 29 403 – 413 . (

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Alessandro Mantovani, Maddalena Trombetta, Chiara Imbriaco, Riccardo Rigolon, Lucia Mingolla, Federica Zamboni, Francesca Dal Molin, Dario Cioccoloni, Viola Sanga, Massimiliano Bruti, Enrico Brocco, Michela Conti, Giorgio Ravenna, Fabrizia Perrone, Vincenzo Stoico and Enzo Bonora

surgical intervention, and conservative treatment with high doses of piperacillin/tazobactam was continued at the Infectious Diseases Department. The intravenous antibiotic therapy lasted for 12 weeks. Outcome and follow-up There are some evidences

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Ernesto Solá, Carmen Rivera, Michelle Mangual, José Martinez, Kelvin Rivera and Ricardo Fernandez

Public Health 87 574 . ( doi:10.2105/ajph.87.4.574 ) 9146434 10.2105/AJPH.87.4.574 4 Dooley KE Chaisson RE 2009 Tuberculosis and diabetes mellitus: convergence of two epidemics . Lancet Infectious Diseases 9 737 – 746 . ( doi:10

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Alessandro Mantovani, Fabrizia Perrone, Vincenzo Stoico, Isabella Pichiri, Laura Salvotelli, Ilaria Teobaldi, Massimiliano Bruti, Michela Conti, Luca Cima, Albino Eccher and Enzo Bonora

to nearly 600 million in 2035 and that approximately 80% of these individuals will live in developing countries ( 1 ). In addition to the excess risk of vascular and infectious disease, recent data strongly suggest that patients with T2DM had a two