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Rémi Goupil, Martin Wolley, Jacobus Ungerer, Brett McWhinney, Kuniaki Mukai, Mitsuhide Naruse, Richard D Gordon and Michael Stowasser

assessing for lateralisation, unilateral cortisol overproduction with contralateral suppression could confound the interpretation of AVS results (3) . Although the utility of measuring plasma metanephrine during AVS for the assessment of successful

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Cheuk-Lik Wong, Chun-Kit Fok and Vicki Ho-Kee Tam

; EPI, epinephrine; NE, norepinephrine; NMN, normetanephrine; MN, metanephrine; PTH, parathyroid hormone. Meanwhile, she was incidentally found to have mild hypercalcaemia ( Table 1 ), which the clinical focus was then diverted to. Further

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Haruyuki Ohsugi, Nae Takizawa, Hidefumi Kinoshita and Tadashi Matsuda

fractionated metanephrine level in 24-h urine was 3.7 mg/day (normal: 0.05-0.23 mg/day). 123 I-MIBG was concentrated in bilateral adrenal tumors and the patient was diagnosed with bilateral PCCs. We performed bilateral laparoscopic adrenalectomy simultaneously

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Ana Gonçalves Ferreira, Tiago Nunes da Silva, Sofia Alegria, Maria Carlos Cordeiro and Jorge Portugal

by an endocrinologist. Urinary metanephrines estimated 12 days after the last vasoactive amine administration were significantly increased ( Table 1 ). Due to markedly elevated plasma 3-methoxytyramine levels, there was a significant concern for

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Natasha Shrikrishnapalasuriyar, Mirena Noyvirt, Philip Evans, Bethan Gibson, Elin Foden and Atul Kalhan

scan had been arranged ( Figure 2 ), we then carried out 24 urinary metanephrines. Figure 2 10 cm heterogeneous right adrenal mass on CT. Treatment Patient was admitted to the intensive care unit as she developed atrial

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Shamaila Zaman, Bijal Patel, Paul Glynne, Mark Vanderpump, Ali Alsafi, Sairah Khan, Rashpal Flora, Fausto Palazzo and Florian Wernig

, thyrotoxicosis or phaeochromocytoma was made. Investigations revealed significantly raised plasma normetanephrines 3.98 nmol/L (NR <0.71) and metanephrines 0.69 nmol/L (NR <0.36; Table 1 ). An adrenal CT showed a right 3.8 cm heterogenous adrenal mass with

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Gemma White, Nicola Tufton and Scott A Akker

biochemistry is sent (plasma or 24 h urine metanephrines). All patients undergo an initial surveillance scan involving non-contrast MRI from skull base (with one cut through the pituitary) to pelvis. On review she reported no additional symptoms of

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Run Yu, Danielle Sharaga, Christopher Donner, M Fernando Palma Diaz, Masha J Livhits and Michael W Yeh

age 64 years, she had begun experiencing episodic sweating and severe headache. Biochemical testing showed markedly elevated levels of plasma metanephrine at 16.2 nmol/L (normal <0.5), plasma normetanephrine 14.2 nmol/L (<0.9), and 24-hour urine total

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Kohei Saitoh, Takako Yonemoto, Takeshi Usui, Kazuhiro Takekoshi, Makoto Suzuki, Yoshiharu Nakashima, Koji Yoshimura, Rieko Kosugi, Tatsuo Ogawa and Tatsuhide Inoue

and urinary catecholamine concentrations and their metabolites as follows: adrenaline 522 pg/mL (<100 pg/mL), noradrenaline 215 pg/mL (100–450 pg/mL), dopamine 8 pg/mL (<20 pg/mL), urinary metanephrine 3.61 mg/day (0.04–0.19), and urinary

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Catherine Alguire, Jessica Chbat, Isabelle Forest, Ariane Godbout and Isabelle Bourdeau

. Investigation and treatment Results of initial laboratory evaluation of the adrenal lesion demonstrated very high 24-h urine catecholamines with normetanephrines of 235,382 nmol/day (Normal value (NV)  < 240), metanephrines of 97,492 nmol/day ( NV < 275