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Elizabeth M Madill, Shamil D Cooray and Leon A Bach

Background Although thyroiditis can occur following parathyroidectomy surgery, it is not a commonly recognised clinical complication. This phenomenon has been described in the literature as ‘palpation thyroiditis’ ( 1 ). The mechanism has not

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Caroline Bachmeier, Chirag Patel, Peter Kanowski and Kunwarjit Sangla

the thyroid ( Fig. 1A ). The patient underwent a minimally invasive parathyroidectomy, which revealed a very large superior parathyroid adenoma that was prolapsed into an inferior position. Histology confirmed a 3 cm × 1.5 cm × 1.2 cm gland

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Sachiko-Tsukamoto Kawashima, Takeshi Usui, Yohei Ueda, Maiko-Kakita Kobayashi, Mika Tsuiki, Kanako Tanase-Nakao, Kazutaka Nanba, Tetsuya Tagami, Mitsuhide Naruse, Yoshiki Watanabe, Ryo Asato, Sumiko Kato and Akira Shimatsu

. Arrow indicates the cystic lesion with septum. Figure 3 99mTc-MIBI scan. No significant uptake was observed in either the early phase (A) or delayed phase (B). Treatment The patient underwent a left upper parathyroidectomy

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Aisling McCarthy, Sophie Howarth, Serena Khoo, Julia Hale, Sue Oddy, David Halsall, Brian Fish, Sashi Mariathasan, Katrina Andrews, Samson O Oyibo, Manjula Samyraju, Katarzyna Gajewska-Knapik, Soo-Mi Park, Diana Wood, Carla Moran and Ruth T Casey

calcitonin and cinacalcet are not used in pregnancy due to limited safety data and the use of bisphosphonate therapy should be avoided due to the risk of adverse effects on fetal skeletal development ( 4 ). Parathyroidectomy is the definitive treatment for

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E Castellano, M Pellegrino, R Attanasio, V Guarnieri, A Maffè and G Borretta

. An oval, avascular mass, smaller than 10 mm, was shown in the lower left thyroid pole at US, but 99 Tc-sestaMIBI scan and neck and mediastinal magnetic resonance imaging were negative. The patient was referred to surgery. Before parathyroidectomy

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Anna Casteràs, Lídia Darder, Carles Zafon, Juan Antonio Hueto, Margarita Alberola, Enric Caubet and Jordi Mesa

hallmark of multiple endocrine neoplasia type 1 (MEN 1) is the early development of pHPT, but no cases of BT have been reported in adolescents and young adults, compatible with regular screening and early parathyroidectomy. BT generally shrinks or resolves

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K Nadarasa, M Bailey, H Chahal, O Raja, R Bhat, C Gayle, A B Grossman and M R Druce

ultrasound scan of the parathyroid glands and Technetium-99m sestamibi imaging confirmed an abnormal right upper parathyroid gland. The patient underwent a parathyroidectomy and the histology revealed a 15×12×18 mm parathyroid carcinoma extending to the

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Carine Ghassan Richa, Khadija Jamal Saad, Ali Khaled Chaaban and Mohamad Souheil El Rawas

with an acute pancreatitis secondary to a parathyroid adenoma at the end of the first trimester, with total remission after parathyroidectomy. Table 1 Cases of hyperparathyroidism and pancreatitis in pregnancy. Authors PMH GA

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Peter Novodvorsky, Ziad Hussein, Muhammad Fahad Arshad, Ahmed Iqbal, Malee Fernando, Alia Munir and Sabapathy P Balasubramanian

hypercalcaemia. Parathyroidectomy has been considered the only definitive cure, however, watchful waiting with monitoring for the presence of end-organ damage is also warranted in selected cases ( 4 ). Over last decades, several cases of spontaneous remission of

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Maryam Heidarpour, Mehdi Karami, Pegah Hedayat and Ashraf Aminorroaya

hyperparathyroidism. Ultrasonography of neck showed a well-defined lesion behind the right lower lobe of the thyroid gland. The plan was parathyroidectomy, however, in the next day, the patient experienced 2 episodes of melena and hemoglobin dropped to 8.3 g