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Shunsuke Funazaki, Hodaka Yamada, Kazuo Hara, and San-e Ishikawa

gestation or the postpartum period in most females. Despite prednisolone treatment, the disorder may remain persistent and result in hypopituitarism. Accordingly, only a few reports have indicated curable cases of LyH. The present study details our

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Junji Kawashima, Hideaki Naoe, Yutaka Sasaki, and Eiichi Araki

scintigraph of the thyroid. Treatment As the administration of acetaminophen for another 2 weeks did not ameliorate his symptoms and thyroid dysfunction, oral prednisolone (20 mg/day) was initiated on June 6, 2012. Instantly, his fever and

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S A A van den Berg and C G Krol

carcinoma, the only definitive treatment option for NICTH. Prednisolone (30 mg, 1 dd orally) was started, and glucose infusions were reduced and halted. Patient developed mild hyperglycaemia and no further hypoglycaemic episodes occurred. Outcome and

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Åke Sjöholm, Maria João Pereira, Thomas Nilsson, Torbjörn Linde, Petros Katsogiannos, Jan Saaf, and Jan W Eriksson

initiation of 60 mg prednisolone q.d., the situation quickly and markedly improved: Within 3 days the insulin dose had to be reduced by 75% to avoid hypoglycemia, a reduction that for the same reason continued and glycemia quickly stabilized around 6–7 mmol

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Nicola Tufton, Nazhri Hashim, Candy Sze, and Mona Waterhouse

room with i.v. fluids, PTU 200 mg four times per day, propanolol 10 mg three times per day, prednisolone 30 mg once daily and regular paracetamol. Attempts were made to up titrate her β blockade, but she did not tolerate higher doses due to symptomatic

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Chih-Ting Su and Yi-Chun Lin

events did not improve. Prednisolone was then administered one week later with the dosage of 30 mg per day for the following 3 weeks during hospitalization. Outcome and follow-up After administering oral prednisolone 30 mg per day, the severity

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Danielle R Bullock, Bradley S Miller, H Brent Clark, and Patricia M Hobday

was started on oral prednisolone (1 mg/kg/day, which was 40 mg), continued at a stable dose for three-and-a-half weeks, and then tapered off by 6 months from the start date. Within a month of diagnosis, even before response to prednisolone could be

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Nobuhiro Miyamura, Shuhei Nishida, Mina Itasaka, Hirofumi Matsuda, Takeshi Ohtou, Yasuhiro Yamaguchi, Daisuke Inaba, Sadahiro Tamiya, and Tetsuo Nakano

density; DPD, deoxypyridinoline; DXA, dual-energy X-ray absorptiometry; mPSL, methylprednisolone; PSL, prednisolone; OC, osteocalcin. Steroid administration was initiated on 100th hospital day. First, a regimen consisting of intravenous infusion

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Ravikumar Ravindran, Justyna Witczak, Suhani Bahl, Lakdasa D K E Premawardhana, and Mohamed Adlan

according to protocols for hypercalcaemia and AKI and i.v. pamidronate 60 mg was given. Subsequently, prednisolone (30 mg/day and reducing) and mycophenolate mofetil (500 mg increased to 1 g bd) were given for acute inflammatory myositis. A trial of

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Anne Soejbjerg, Suzan Dyve, Steen Baerentzen, Georg Thorsell, Per L Poulsen, Jens O L Jorgensen, and Ulla Kampmann

and high-dose prednisolone was administered with transient symptom relief. A biopsy of the temporal artery was normal. Blood and urine profile, X-ray of the thorax, and abdominal ultrasound examination were unremarkable and prednisolone treatment was