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Mariana Barbosa, Sílvia Paredes, Maria João Machado, Rui Almeida, and Olinda Marques

headache, followed by left eye ptosis 2 days later, diplopia and vomiting. He was observed by a neurosurgeon on the emergency department who confirmed left third cranial nerve palsy, with no other neurologic abnormalities. Remaining physical exam was

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N Siddique, R Durcan, S Smyth, T Kyaw Tun, S Sreenan, and J H McDermott

glycaemic control. On examination, there was an almost complete ptosis of the right eyelid. Pupillary reflexes were intact. The right eye was fixed in the ‘down and out’ position indicating an oculomotor nerve palsy with intact cranial nerves IV and VI

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Diana Catarino, Cristina Ribeiro, Leonor Gomes, and Isabel Paiva

the hospitalization, she developed an acute and severe headache, bilateral palpebral ptosis and anisocoria (without visual impairment) and alternating prostration periods with psychomotor agitation. A cranioencephalic CT was performed and showed a

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J K Prague, C L Ward, O G Mustafa, B C Whitelaw, A King, N W Thomas, and J Gilbert

the Emergency Department with acute weakness in his left arm, dragging of his left leg whilst running and recent intermittent headaches. Examination revealed a partial right ptosis and inadequate androgenisation. Visual fields were full to

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Fergus Keane, Aoife M Egan, Patrick Navin, Francesca Brett, and Michael C Dennedy

department complaining of headache ongoing for 24h. He also reported ptosis of the right eye that occurred acutely 6h in advance of presentation. His ptosis was causing particular distress, and due to a previous mechanical injury to his left eye, it was

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G K Dimitriadis, K Gopalakrishnan, R Rao, D K Grammatopoulos, H S Randeva, M O Weickert, and N Murthy

hemiparesis with paresthesia and VIIth cranial nerve palsy with unilateral facial weakness and ptosis which rose initial suspicions of underlying vascular central nervous system (CNS) pathology. Abdominal examination revealed a heterogenous, hard and enlarged

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Tessa Glyn, Beverley Harris, and Kate Allen

with steroids and anti-inflammatory analgesia. Alongside these symptoms, her CK rose to above 1000 IU/L (normal range (NR): 25–200 IU/L), and a tertiary referral for suspected myositis was made. Upon review, she was also noted to have bilateral ptosis

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Stephanie Teasdale, Fahid Hashem, Sarah Olson, Benjamin Ong, and Warrick J Inder

. Examination demonstrated a partial right oculomotor nerve palsy, with partial ptosis, diplopia but pupil sparing. Visual fields were intact to confrontation. Other cranial nerves were normal. MRI demonstrated T1 hyperintensity and abnormal soft tissue in the

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Carlos Tavares Bello, Emma van der Poest Clement, and Richard Feelders

infection, and the final outcome was determined by a thrombotic event. Case presentation A 51-year-old male, with an unremarkable medical history, was admitted to the hospital for a new onset right-sided ptosis and diplopia. The patient had no other

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Anna Popławska-Kita, Marta Wielogórska, Łukasz Poplawski, Katarzyna Siewko, Agnieszka Adamska, Piotr Szumowski, Piotr Myśliwiec, Janusz Myśliwiec, Joanna Reszeć, Grzegorz Kamiński, Janusz Dzięcioł, Dorota Tobiaszewska, Małgorzata Szelachowska, and Adam Jacek Krętowski

thyroid pathology, progressive decline in vision, left-sided ptosis, and physical condition, the patient was admitted to the Department of Endocrinology in January 2018, in order to identify the exact cause of these symptoms. The verification of ancillary