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R D’Arcy, M McDonnell, K Spence, and C H Courtney

, insomnia and a degree of weight loss. There was no clear precipitant to the symptoms reported and no suggestion of recent infection. On clinical examination he appeared tremulous and diaphoretic. There was a regular tachycardia of 110 bpm, and mild

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Elizabeth M Madill, Shamil D Cooray, and Leon A Bach

thyrotoxicosis including diaphoresis, a resting sinus tachycardia with a heart rate of 130–150 beats per minute, bilateral hand tremor and globally brisk reflexes. There was no goitre, neck tenderness, thyroid bruit or signs of thyroid ophthalmopathy. Laboratory

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Nicola Tufton, Nazhri Hashim, Candy Sze, and Mona Waterhouse

fatigue, diarrhoea, nausea, pain in her neck and dysphagia. On examination she had a BMI of 32 kg/m 2 ,was febrile at 39.4 °C, had a sinus tachycardia at 130 bpm, blood pressure (BP) 120/76 mmHg, with mild pedal oedema and was clinically thyrotoxic, with

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V Larouche and M Tamilia

denied ocular symptoms, compressive symptoms, anterior neck pain or other symptoms of thyrotoxicosis. Physical examination revealed mild tachycardia (HR 105 bpm, regular) with normal vital signs otherwise, an intention tremor and a normal

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R T Casey, B G Challis, D Pitfield, R M Mahroof, N Jamieson, C J Bhagra, A Vuylsteke, S J Pettit, and K C Chatterjee

, the patient had deteriorated significantly and had become tachypnoeic (respiratory rate of 35) with a sinus tachycardia (135 bpm). The CT scan demonstrated pseudonodular opacities with ground glass changes in both lungs ( Fig. 1A ) and a 5-cm left

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Han Soo Park, Su Kyoung Kwon, and Ye Na Kim

and dopamine and norepinephrine); however, the patient had sustained tachycardia, hyperpyrexia and progressive multiorgan dysfunction including acute liver failure, coagulopathy, heart failure and rapid deterioration of renal function. Because of

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Christine Yu, Inder J Chopra, and Edward Ha

pressure to 173/75 mmHg, and tachycardia to the 150 b.p.m. Physical examination was notable for an elderly female with moist skin, tachycardia, and non-tender thyromegaly. Investigation Initial laboratory studies were significant for a white blood

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Michal Barabas, Isabel Huang-Doran, Debbie Pitfield, Hazel Philips, Manoj Goonewardene, Ruth T Casey, and Benjamin G Challis

classified as a well-differentiated grade 2 pancreatic neuroendocrine tumour (NET) with liver metastases. The abnormal cardiac appearances on CT prompted further evaluation. An electrocardiogram (ECG) demonstrated sinus tachycardia with left bundle branch

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Ana Gonçalves Ferreira, Tiago Nunes da Silva, Sofia Alegria, Maria Carlos Cordeiro, and Jorge Portugal

crisis associated with vomiting and headaches that led to norepinephrine suspension alternating with severe hypotension and restarting of vasoactive amines. He also had unexplained sinus tachycardia episodes even without norepinephrine. Due to prolonged

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Yuri Tanaka, Taisuke Uchida, Hideki Yamaguchi, Yohei Kudo, Tadato Yonekawa, and Masamitsu Nakazato

hepatitis. Case presentation A 48-year-old man had fatigue for 3 months. One month before admission, he developed a low-grade fever, shortness of breath, and weight loss. He was admitted to the hospital because of tachycardia, liver dysfunction