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Ji Wei Yang and Jacques How

practice is most unusual. Here, we report a case of Lugol’s solution-induced painless thyroiditis. Case presentation A 59-year-old patient was referred to our thyroid clinic in June 2015. Her personal and family histories were unremarkable for

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Daramjav Narantsatsral, Takagi Junko, Iwayama Hideyuki, Inukai Daisuke, Takama Hiroyuki, Nomura Yuka, Hirase Syo, Morita Hiroyuki, Otake Kazuo, Ogawa Tetsuya, and Takami Akiyoshi

Background Autoimmune thyroiditis is characterized with the release of thyroid hormone resulting in transient hyperthyroidism, frequently followed by a hypothyroid phase before recovery of normal thyroid function. Approximately 5–20% of

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Elizabeth M Madill, Shamil D Cooray, and Leon A Bach

Background Although thyroiditis can occur following parathyroidectomy surgery, it is not a commonly recognised clinical complication. This phenomenon has been described in the literature as ‘palpation thyroiditis’ ( 1 ). The mechanism has not

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Leanne Hunt, Barney Harrison, Matthew Bull, Tim Stephenson, and Amit Allahabadia

Background This case is important as it highlights the difficulties in managing complex Riedel’s thyroiditis patients. The case also highlights the novel use of rituximab in the treatment of a patient with complex refractory Riedel

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V Larouche and M Tamilia

Background Subacute thyroiditis is characterized by an initial phase of thyrotoxicosis with neck pain, a tender diffuse goiter and elevated thyroxine (T4) and/or triiodothyronine (T3). The classic pattern of changes in thyroid function in

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Mahmud Abo Salook, Carlos Benbassat, Yulia Strenov, and Amit Tirosh

leads to the rare diagnosis of IgG4-related thyroiditis. Case presentation A 55-year-old pilot was hospitalized complaining of neck pressure, fever, and weight loss. His medical history was positive for primary hypothyroidism treated with l

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Marco Russo, Ilenia Marturano, Romilda Masucci, Melania Caruso, Maria Concetta Fornito, Dario Tumino, Martina Tavarelli, Sebastiano Squatrito, and Gabriella Pellegriti

autoimmune thyroiditis. Subsequent clinical examinations revealed a stable condition until 2006 when following the onset of frequent abdominal cramps and pain, the patient underwent an intravaginal pelvic ultrasound that revealed a 1.9 and a 2.9cm cyst in the

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Milena S Pandrc, Stanko Petrović, Vanja Kostovski, Marijana Petrović, and Miloš Zarić

Background Recent studies present the unique subtype of Hashimoto's thyroiditis (HT), called immunoglobulin (Ig) G4 thyroiditis, characterized by lymphoplasmacytic inflammation, fibrosis (frequently in a storiform pattern), obliterative

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Junji Kawashima, Hideaki Naoe, Yutaka Sasaki, and Eiichi Araki

report, we present the first reported case showing subacute thyroiditis-like symptoms with an amyloid goiter after anti-TNF therapy for Crohn's disease. Case presentation A 56-year-old man who had been suffering from diarrhea since the age of 50

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Jose León Mengíbar, Ismael Capel, Teresa Bonfill, Isabel Mazarico, Laia Casamitjana Espuña, Assumpta Caixàs, and Mercedes Rigla

receptor antibodies (TRAbs) 1.85 mUl/mL (0–1.75), TPO Abs 513 UI/mL (0–34) and Tg Abs 913 UI/mL (0–110; Fig. 1 and Table 2 ). Figure 1 Thyroid function in a patient who developed silent thyroiditis under treatment with durvalumab. Table