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R Bou Khalil, M Abou Salbi, S Sissi, N El Kara, E Azar, M Khoury, G Abdallah, J Hreiki and S Farhat

: 581 – 586 . Lu CH & Hsieh CH 2007 Elevation of creatine kinase during medical treatment of Graves's disease . Journal of Medical Sciences . 27 : 241 – 244 . Murata K Sugie K Takamure M

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Wael M Almistehi and Mussa H Almalki

prolactinoma . European Journal of Endocrinology 2015 172 R205–R13 . ( ) 33 Crosignani PG Mattei AM Severini V Cavioni V Maggioni P Testa G . Long-term effects of time, medical treatment and pregnancy in 176

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Adrienne Dow, Run Yu and John Carmichael

Background Topical corticosteroids have long been used for the treatment of allergic rhinitis and chronic sinusitis with satisfactory symptomatic relief (1) . They are generally regarded as safe due to its local effects and limited systemic

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Casey M Hay and Daniel I Spratt

's syndrome other than mild weight gain and fatigue and had no symptoms suggestive of cortisol excess on physical examination. Past medical history was relevant for asthma controlled with 220 μg of inhaled fluticasone twice daily (a dose of 110 twice daily

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Cristina Alvarez-Escola and Jersy Cardenas-Salas

remarkable because the patient had a very high IGF-1 level before treatment and it is unusual for such patients to achieve remission with medical treatment. Treatment with somatostatin analogues has been proven to improve the clinical symptoms of acromegaly

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S F Wan Muhammad Hatta, L Kandaswamy, C Gherman-Ciolac, J Mann and H N Buch

glucocorticoid production is simultaneous development of several of these symptoms with increasing severity. Myopathy is one of the more common features of Cushing’s syndrome, and we present an unusual presentation of myopathy in a patient of Cushing’s syndrome

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Mirjam Eiswirth, Ewan Clark and Michael Diamond

the potentially mortal risks of severe hypoglycaemia and/or ketoacidosis. Before the advent of exogenous insulin, the only medical treatment available was a strict adherence to a low carbohydrate diet. Today, insulin is most commonly injected as a

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Ismael Capel, Elisabet Tasa-Vinyals, Albert Cano-Palomares, Irene Bergés-Raso, Lara Albert, Mercedes Rigla and Assumpta Caixàs

). The most common thyroid-related iatrogenic agent associated with TC that we have identified among the studies retrieved by our search is thyroxine, usually in its therapeutic use as levothyroxine for the treatment of hypothyroidism but also in non-medical

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Ji Wei Yang and Jacques How

practice is most unusual. Here, we report a case of Lugol’s solution-induced painless thyroiditis. Case presentation A 59-year-old patient was referred to our thyroid clinic in June 2015. Her personal and family histories were unremarkable for

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Caterina Policola, Victoria Stokes, Niki Karavitaki and Ashley Grossman

Background Opiates are important agents in the treatment of pain and have also been used for centuries as substances of abuse (1) . They play an important role in the management of chronic and acute pain in many patients, including those with