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Durgesh Gowda, Vasant Shenoy, Usman Malabu, Donald Cameron, and Kunwarjit Sangla

was also on warfarin for unknown procoagulant disorder. His aPTT was prolonged. Further investigation revealed positive for lupus anticoagulant factor suggestive of anti-phospholipid antibody syndrome (APLS), which can rarely cause BAH (1) . This case

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Shinobu Takayasu, Shingo Murasawa, Satoshi Yamagata, Kazunori Kageyama, Takeshi Nigawara, Yutaka Watanuki, Daisuke Kimura, Takao Tsushima, Yoshiyuki Sakamoto, Kenichi Hakamada, Ken Terui, and Makoto Daimon

paroxysmal arterial fibrillation under treatment with warfarin potassium; 10 years of hypertension and diabetes with drug resistance and 5 years of proximal muscle weakness. She presented with a moon face, central obesity, skin atrophy and plethora. Blood

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M Horsey, P Hogan, and T Oliver

cortisol 26.9μg/dL – 7–28μg/dL Hospital course: The patient was diagnosed with a DVT, presumed etiology HH secondary to pernicious anemia, and anticoagulant treatment was started with IV heparin and warfarin. Urgent thrombolysis was not

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Diana Oliveira, Mara Ventura, Miguel Melo, Sandra Paiva, and Francisco Carrilho

at that time with warfarin: 5 mg/day, pantoprazole: 40 mg/day, nifedipine: 30 mg/day and furosemide: 40 mg/day. Being usually prone to hypertension, she was normotensive at the time, with blood pressure 110/81 mmHg. Investigation and treatment

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Roberto Attanasio, Liana Cortesi, Daniela Gianola, Claudia Vettori, Fulvio Sileo, and Roberto Trevisan

hyperhomocysteinemia. This diagnosis was made 6 years earlier after a cerebral infarction, treated with systemic thrombolysis followed by warfarin. Anticoagulation was withdrawn after cerebral hemorrhage with seizures. He had gallstones and multinodular goiter and

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Catarina Roque, Ricardo Fonseca, Carlos Tavares Bello, Carlos Vasconcelos, António Galzerano, and Sância Ramos

warfarin, acute ischemic stroke in 2012, vascular dementia and a traumatic L1 fracture submitted to vertebroplasty in 2012. She was also medicated with simvastatin 20 mg and trazodone 150 mg q.d. On the 18th of April, she had been observed by a medical

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Gerald J M Tevaarwerk

severe cold intolerance, low physical energy and marked mental lethargy in spite of free T 4 concentrations being near the upper limit of the reference range on l -T 4 replacement. His weight was 98 kg. There was no goitre. He was on warfarin and on